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How to have fun in Cyprus? Where are the most beautiful beaches and where are the sights?

Beaches and swimming

The main reason to go to Cyprus is for the beautiful beaches and swimming, which is possible from May and lasts practically until November.

The most beautiful ones can be found on the south-eastern tip of Cyprus, around the towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras. This area boasts crystal clear sandy beaches and a rugged coastline with cliffs and caves.

Another area with wonderful beaches is the west around Paphos and Coral Bay, where there are beautiful coves and comfortable hotel resorts, but the beaches are not as generous as those around Ayia Napa.

The beaches in Cyprus are definitely among the top in Europe, especially with the always wonderfully clear water.

Best beach hotels - Cyprus

TOP 5 - The most beautiful beaches in Cyprus

To make it easier to find your way around and get an idea of where to head for the best beaches in Cyprus, we've created a ranking of the top 5 beaches on the island. For details, always just click on the name of the beach.

  • Nissi Beach - The lively town beach in the resort of Ayia Napa has beautiful surroundings with a small island that you can reach by shallow water. The beach area is well equipped with restaurants, bars, shops and sun loungers with umbrellas.
  • Makronissos Beach - Just a few hundred metres away at the end of Ayia Napa you will find the beautiful Makronissos beach, which connects the mainland with a small island, creating the opportunity to swim from both sides. It is one of the most peaceful beaches in Ayia Napa.
  • Konnos Beach - This beach is unique because it is located under a rock and you can see it from a good height and you can find it in the resort of Protaras in the east of Cyprus.
  • Coral Bay - This beautiful beach in a wide enclosed bay with very clear water attracts those who like a quieter holiday but still close to the big city, Paphos is only 12 km away.
  • Petra tou Romiou - Aphrodite's Beach, with its iconic Aphrodite's Rock, may not be the best for swimming due to the large pebbles, but it is certainly one of the most photogenic beaches in the entire Mediterranean.

Prices of services, sunbeds and umbrellas

Cypriot beaches are among the most expensive in Europe. Prices vary from resort to resort, of course, but on average you'll pay around these amounts:

  • A set of two sunbeds and an umbrella per day - 10 eur
  • Lunch on the beach - 15 eur
  • Paddle boat rental for an hour - 10 to 15 eur
  • Water sports - 20 to 40 eur per hour

One of the best ways to try out a lot of water sports is Latchi Watersports Centrelocated in the west of Cyprus in the resort of Polis Chrysochous. Here you can try a huge variety of sports or rent your own boat.


If you don't want to wear an oxygen tank, you can just put on your goggles and enjoy diving in many places. Just pick the right bay or lagoon and you're in for a great experience. We recommend the bays and reefs around Cape Greco, where you will find, for example, the Blue Lagoon.

However, look for the best snorkelling spots in western Cyprus, especially on the Akamas peninsula or at Coral Bay beach.

Sights and history

Situated at a strategic point between Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus has been inhabited since time immemorial and has always acted as a defensive fortress or a stopover on trade routes. Despite its importance and size, the territory has not preserved an enormous number of monuments, but this does not mean that history lovers will not find something to enjoy here.

The main attractions are undoubtedly the archaeological sites of the ancient times of Ancient Greece and Rome. For example, visit these sites:

Are you interested in lesser-known and unusual monuments? Then head to the Troodos Mountains, where you can admire the exceptionally well-preserved rural architecture of the 12th and 13th centuries. The sacred buildings - small churches - in the villages of Moutoullas and Pedoulas are even UNESCO-listed.


Cypriots love to party and during the night it comes alive in many places. In Nicosia , head to Clubd, a club that plays techno and electro music, or Teez, a club that plays hip hop and R&B. Also stop by Nicosia's main street, Ledra Street, for a good dinner and drink. The atmosphere there is exceptional.

Thebest and liveliest city for nightlife is Ayia Napa. You can really find everything you need here and everyone will have fun. There are dozens of clubs that play different genres, and you can usually get around a few of them for free. We recommend visiting The Castle Club, a three-story club with an amazing atmosphere. If you like a quieter atmosphere, you'll find plenty of live concerts with genres like country and jazz in the centre.

If you're in suburban Limassol, don't miss Guaba Beach Bar, which is considered one of the best clubs in the world, and is located right on the beach.


As well as swimming, Cyprus is a hiking paradise. Here you can visit 2 main areas of marked hiking trails in wonderfully diverse countryside, where you can easily spend more than a week...

Akamas Peninsula National Park Located at the westernmost tip of Cyprus, it offers spectacular views and panoramas. If you follow the trail from the Baths of Aphrodite to The Blue Lagoon, you will come across many rare species of flora and fauna. You can see wild goats, rays, hedgehogs, lizards and many species of birds.

The other part of this national park is the deep canyons and gorges with hiking trails.

Another area worth noting is the Troodos Mountains, where you will find the highest peak of Cyprus, Mount Olympus. The best way to travel around this mountain range is definitely by car. During your wanderings, don't forget to visit the Caledonia Waterfall, located a short distance from Mount Olympus.

Maps of the marked hiking trails show well, for example

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